Wishbone Offense Playbook PDF

Wishbone Offense Playbook PDF: A Comprehensive Guide to Running the Wishbone Offense

If you’re looking for a highly effective, run-heavy offensive system that can give your team an edge on the ground, the Wishbone Offense could be a great fit for you. Designed to maximize power running and triple option concepts, the Wishbone Offense has been a staple of college and high school football for decades.

In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at the Wishbone Offense Playbook PDF, breaking down the key components of the system and providing insights on how to implement it successfully on the field.

Overview of the Wishbone Offense

The Wishbone Offense is a formation that features a backfield set with three running backs, two of which line up behind the quarterback in a V shape, with the third positioned behind an offensive tackle, giving the appearance of a wishbone. The formation places an emphasis on power running up the middle and option plays, with a heavy reliance on the fullback dive, triple option, and counter plays.

The Wishbone Offense can be highly effective when executed properly, as it relies on deception and misdirection to create openings in the opposing defense and often results in consistent yardage gains.

Components of the Wishbone Offense

There are four main components to the Wishbone Offense that coaches and players must understand to implement it successfully: the formation, the option game, the power running game, and the play-action passing game.

Formation: As previously mentioned, the Wishbone Offense features three running backs, with two of them in a V formation behind the quarterback and the third positioned behind an offensive tackle. This tight formation allows the offense to create a natural power running game and paves the way for the option game.

Option game: The triple option is a core component of the Wishbone Offense. The quarterback has the option to hand off to the fullback up the middle, keep the ball and run to the outside, or pitch the ball to the trailing running back for a sweep. Mastering the triple option requires excellent timing, ball handling skills, and decision-making ability, but when executed well, it can carve up even the most formidable defenses.

Power running game: In addition to the triple option, the Wishbone Offense also features a highly effective power running game. The fullback dive, where the fullback charges straight ahead, is a staple play in the Wishbone playbook, often resulting in consistent yardage gains.

Play-action passing game: The Wishbone Offense also features a play-action passing game. By faking the run, the quarterback can freeze the defense and open up opportunities for big gains through the air.

Implementing the Wishbone Offense

Implementing the Wishbone Offense can be a challenging process that requires meticulous preparation and attention to detail. Coaches must ensure that their players have a thorough understanding of the system’s nuances and have developed the skills needed to execute it effectively.

One useful resource for coaches and players looking to implement the Wishbone Offense is the Wishbone Offense Playbook PDF. This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth analysis of the Wishbone Offense’s key concepts and offers detailed instructions on how to install it in your team’s game plan.


The Wishbone Offense has been a highly effective offensive system for decades, thriving at the high school and college level. With its focus on power running and triple option concepts, the Wishbone Offense is an excellent fit for teams looking to establish a dominant ground game.

By mastering the key components of the Wishbone Offense, coaches and players can create a highly effective offensive system that can give them an edge on the field. With the help of the Wishbone Offense Playbook PDF, coaches can prepare their players to execute the Wishbone Offense effectively and efficiently.

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