Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 2 Answers

Enhance Your Lexicon: Discover Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 2 Answers


The Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 2 is a comprehensive exercise that aims to improve students’ vocabulary skills. This unit focuses on words related to education, intelligence, and learning. In this article, we will explore the answers to Unit 2 of the Vocabulary Workshop Level D, providing detailed solutions to each question.

Unit 2 Vocabulary Workshop Level D: Comprehensive Answers

  1. Adroit: The word “adroit” means skillful or clever in using the hands or mind. It can also be used to describe someone who is adept at dealing with difficult situations. In the given sentence, “The pianist’s adroit fingers glided effortlessly over the keys,” the word “adroit” is used to illustrate the pianist’s skillful playing.

  2. Belligerent: The word “belligerent” refers to someone who is hostile or inclined to fight. It can also be used to describe a nation or group engaged in war or conflict. In the sentence, “The belligerent man shouted insults at the other driver,” the word “belligerent” depicts the aggressive behavior of the man.

  3. Circumspect: The term “circumspect” means cautious and careful in considering all possible consequences before taking action. In the given sentence, “The detective approached the crime scene with a circumspect attitude,” the word “circumspect” suggests that the detective was being mindful and thoughtful in his approach.

Exploring Unit 2 Vocabulary Workshop Level D with Detailed Solutions

  1. Demeanor: The word “demeanor” refers to a person’s behavior or outward manner. It describes the way someone presents themselves to others. An example sentence could be, “Despite her nervousness, she maintained a calm and composed demeanor during the interview.”

  2. Enmity: The term “enmity” means extreme hatred or hostility towards someone or something. It implies a deep-seated animosity or resentment. In a sentence, one could say, “There has always been enmity between the two rival gangs, leading to frequent clashes.”

  3. Feasible: The word “feasible” describes something that is possible or capable of being accomplished. It suggests that an idea or plan is practical and likely to succeed. For instance, “After careful analysis, the team determined that the proposed project was feasible within the given budget and time constraints.”


The Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 2 provides students with an opportunity to expand their vocabulary while learning about various concepts related to education and intelligence. This article has explored the comprehensive answers and provided detailed solutions for each word in Unit 2. By understanding and practicing these words in context, students can enhance their language skills and effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas.

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