Vocabulary Power Plus Level 7 Answer Key

Vocabulary Power Plus Level 7 is a workbook designed to help 7th grade students learn essential vocabulary words and improve their language skills. Using the answer key provides an effective way for students to get the most out of this vocabulary book. In this article, we will examine how the answer key can be utilized to enhance vocabulary retention and comprehension.

An Introduction to Level 7 of Vocabulary Power Plus

Level 7 contains numerous engaging lessons to expand students’ knowledge of Greek and Latin roots and affixes. Some key roots covered include “corp” meaning body, “fid” meaning faith or trust, and “ject” meaning to throw. By breaking down words into these roots and affixes, students learn how to decipher the meaning of complex vocabulary terms.

Explanation of the Answer Key Contents

The Vocabulary Power Plus Level 7 answer key contains the solutions for the various exercises in each lesson. This includes fill-in-the-blank questions, matching activities, and multiple choice questions. The answer key provides the word roots along with their definitions. Additionally, examples are given to illustrate how the roots combine with affixes to form vocabulary words.

By examining the answer key, students can ensure they fully comprehend the roots and affixes introduced in each lesson. It allows them to assess their progress and identify any areas needing more study.

How Students Can Utilize the Answer Key

There are several ways students can effectively leverage the Level 7 answer key:

  • Check answers to workbook activities
  • Reinforce correct vocabulary usage through repetition
  • Use it during review to self-test root and affix knowledge
  • Clarify any confusing lesson concepts
  • Aid memorization by rewriting incorrect responses correctly

Overall, the answer key enables students to take control of their learning and master the word parts integral to building vocabulary.

Why the Answer Key Is an Indispensable Resource

Some key benefits of using the Vocabulary Power Plus answer key include:

  • Provides immediate feedback to students
  • Identifies weak spots in knowledge of roots/affixes
  • Allows self-correction of mistakes
  • Reinforces retention through repeated exposure
  • Helps prepare for tests on vocabulary

In summary, the answer key is an invaluable tool for getting the most learning value out of the Vocabulary Power Plus course.


Using the comprehensive Vocabulary Power Plus Level 7 answer key offers students an efficient way to learn essential word roots, affixes, and vocabulary. It allows them to monitor their progress and correct any misconceptions. By leveraging the answer key, students can gain confidence in their ability to decipher complex words and build a robust vocabulary. This will provide a solid foundation for future academic and career success.

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