Vocabulary Power Plus Level 12 Lesson 1 Answer Key

Vocabulary Power Plus Level 12 is an advanced vocabulary workbook aimed at students in grade 12. It contains engaging lessons to help students learn sophisticated words and improve their language skills as they prepare for college. The answer key for Lesson 1 provides useful insight into mastering the new vocabulary introduced.

Overview of Lesson 1

Lesson 1 in Level 12 focuses on Greek and Latin roots. The key roots covered include “bene” meaning good, “mal” meaning bad, and “homo” meaning same. Learning these roots helps students dissect the meaning of complex words like “benevolent,” “malicious,” and “homogenous.” The exercises help reinforce the definitions of the roots and provide practice applying them.

Breakdown of the Answer Key

The answer key has several parts that correspond to the activities in Lesson 1. First, it presents the vocabulary words and roots along with their definitions. Then it provides the answers for sentences that must be completed with the new vocabulary words. Finally, it contains the solutions for a matching exercise pairing words with their meaning.

By examining the answer key, students can check their work and ensure they have an accurate understanding of the root words and vocabulary. The key also allows teachers to efficiently verify student comprehension.

Benefits of Using the Answer Key

There are many advantages to leveraging the Vocabulary Power Plus Level 12 Lesson 1 answer key:

  • Provides immediate feedback to students
  • Allows self-correction of any mistaken responses
  • Reinforces the root words and vocabulary through repetition
  • Helps students memorize the new words and their meanings
  • Can be used to prepare for assessments on the lesson

Overall, the answer key enables students to take control of their learning and confidently master the vocabulary introduced in Lesson 1.


The Vocabulary Power Plus course helps high school students enrich their vocabulary in preparation for higher education and standardized tests. Using the Level 12 Lesson 1 answer key, students can correct any misunderstandings and solidify their knowledge of the Greek and Latin roots covered in the lesson. Having access to the solutions allows students to optimize their learning experience with this valuable vocabulary workbook.

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