Vocabulary Power Plus Lesson 4 Answer Key


Vocabulary Power Plus is an educational series designed to help students improve their vocabulary skills. The books contain engaging lessons and activities to help students learn new words and enhance their language abilities. In this article, we will go over the answer key for Lesson 4 in Vocabulary Power Plus to understand how to effectively use this resource.

Overview of Lesson 4

Lesson 4 introduces several common Latin and Greek roots that form the foundation of many English words. Some of the key roots covered in this lesson include “spect” meaning look/see, “struct” meaning build, and “port” meaning carry. By learning these roots, students can infer the meanings of unfamiliar words they encounter that contain these roots.

Explanation of the Answer Key

The answer key provides the correct responses for the various exercises in Lesson 4. This includes fill-in-the-blank responses, multiple choice questions, and synonym/antonym matching. The answer key lists the roots along with examples of words that contain those roots. This helps reinforce the meanings of the roots and shows how they are used in different contexts.

Having access to the answer key makes it easy for students to check their work and ensure they fully comprehend the key roots covered in the lesson. The answer key also contains useful tips on how to memorize the roots using mnemonic devices and other study techniques.

Benefits of Using the Answer Key

Some of the main benefits of using the Vocabulary Power Plus answer key are:

  • Clarifies any confusion on practice questions
  • Reinforces correct responses through repetition
  • Allows self-assessment of vocabulary knowledge
  • Provides explanation for answers
  • Helps improve memorization of word roots

Overall, the answer key is an indispensable resource to get the most out of each lesson.


Regularly reviewing the answer key can help students retain the roots, prefixes, and suffixes introduced in Vocabulary Power Plus. Mastering these word parts provides a framework for decoding unfamiliar words and expanding vocabulary. The answer key enables students to take control of their learning by allowing them to correct their own work and fully grasp the meaning behind each lesson. Along with the engaging exercises and activities in the workbook, the answer key is a valuable tool for boosting vocabulary skills.

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