Tusklessness Problem Or Solution Part 2 Answer Key

Tusklessness Problem Or Solution Part 2 Answer Key: Revealing the Outcome of Tusk-less Elephant Populations.

Tusklessness Problem Or Solution Part 2 Answer Key

Elephant tusklessness is a conservation concern. It is seen as a potential solution to poaching, but there are worries about its impact on elephant populations. This article explores the tusklessness issue and its consequences. It also provides answers to previously raised questions.

Tusklessness as a Growing Conservation Issue

Tusklessness in female elephants is rising due to poaching. Elephants with tusks are targeted by hunters, allowing tuskless females to reproduce and increase their numbers over generations.

The rise in tusklessness is worrying for various reasons. Elephants rely on tusks for important activities such as finding water and protecting themselves. Losing tusks could hinder their ability to carry out these tasks, jeopardizing their survival. Tusks are also vital for social interactions, mating, and asserting dominance in the herd. Without tusks, elephants may face behavioural issues, impacting their social structure.

Analyzing the Implications of Tusklessness in Elephant Populations

Tusklessness affects not only individual elephants, but also the entire population. Without tusks, genetic diversity decreases, making them more susceptible to diseases and environmental changes, compromising their survival.

Secondly, the increasing prevalence of tusklessness may contribute to a decline in the overall elephant population. When elephants are poached for their ivory, it is typically the individuals with larger and more valuable tusks that are targeted. As a consequence, the selective removal of elephants with tusks could result in a population dominated by tuskless individuals, hampering natural selection and potentially leading to an imbalanced population structure.


Tusklessness in elephants is a pressing conservation issue with consequences. Although it may appear as a solution to poaching, it has negative impacts on elephants’ abilities, social dynamics, and genetic diversity. Conservation efforts must address this problem while considering long-term survival.

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