My Homework Lesson 6 Place Value Through Thousands Answer Key

Understanding Place Value Through Thousands

Firstly, let’s dive into the key concept – place value. Essentially, it’s the value that each digit holds in a number, depending on its position. For instance, in the number 1234, the ‘1’ represents one thousand, ‘2’ is two hundreds, ‘3’ is thirty, and ‘4’ is four ones.

Breaking Down the Homework Lesson 6

Now, moving on to the homework lesson 6, this specific task prompts us to apply our understanding of place values up until the thousand mark.

Step by Step Explanation

Before we start, remember, the units place is the rightmost place in a number. Next comes the tens place, then the hundreds, and finally, the thousands.

Firstly, look at the number in question. Secondly, identify the digit in the thousands place. This digit represents how many thousands are in the number.

Next, move onto the hundreds place. The digit here tells us the number of hundreds. After that, the digit in the tens place shows the tens. Lastly, the digit in the units place represents the number of ones.

Practice Problems to Solidify Understanding

To further apply this concept, let’s consider an example. For the number 4567, “4” is in the thousands place, “5” is in the hundreds place, “6” is in the tens place, and “7” is in the units place.

Consequently, we can say the number 4567 has four thousands, five hundreds, six tens, and seven ones.


In conclusion, understanding the place value system up to thousands is fundamental in developing mathematical skills. It forms the basis for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Therefore, mastering “my homework lesson 6 place value through thousands answer key” will undoubtedly contribute to your overall mathematical proficiency.

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