Mayflower Myths Readworks Answer Key

Unraveling the Myths Surrounding the Mayflower: A Comprehensive Review

The history of the Mayflower is often shrouded in myths, causing confusion and misunderstanding. Consequently, we seek to debunk these myths using the ‘Mayflower Myths Readworks Answer Key’ as our primary tool.

The Reality behind the Mayflower Voyage

Firstly, let’s clarify one of the most pervasive Mayflower myths. Many believe the pilgrims on board were the first to set foot in America. However, the fact is that they were not the first English people to arrive in North America. They, indeed, settled in an area already inhabited by the native Wampanoag people.

The Mayflower Passengers: A Diverse Group

Secondly, the myth of the Mayflower only carrying religious separatists, or ‘Pilgrims,’ persists. In truth, the Mayflower carried a diverse range of passengers. Alongside the separatists, there were also traders, servants and adventurers. A myriad of motives, not purely religious, drove people to embark on this challenging voyage.

The Mayflower Compact: A Revolutionary Document?

Lastly, the Mayflower Compact is often hailed as a revolutionary democratic constitution. Nevertheless, it was more of a practical agreement for maintaining order and cooperation, rather than a democratic manifesto.

In conclusion, by using the ‘Mayflower Myths Readworks Answer Key,’ we can debunk these widespread misconceptions about the Mayflower’s journey and its passengers. In doing so, we gain a more accurate understanding of this crucial event in American history.

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