Lost Lands 6 Walkthrough Puzzle Solutions

Lost Lands 6 Walkthrough: Unraveling the Enigmatic Puzzles

Lost Lands 6 Walkthrough: Unraveling the Enigmatic Puzzles

Lost Lands 6: The Wanderer is an adventure game with challenging puzzles. As players explore Lost Lands, they encounter mind-boggling puzzles requiring clever thinking. This article offers a step-by-step walkthrough to conquer these challenges.

Step-by-Step Solutions to Conquer Lost Lands 6 Challenges

  1. Puzzle: Ancient Hieroglyphs
    Upon entering the ancient temple, players will come across a wall covered in mysterious hieroglyphs. To solve this puzzle, players need to match the correct symbols to their corresponding positions. By observing the surrounding environment and clues, players can identify the right order of the symbols. Once the correct sequence is determined, tap on each symbol in the correct order to complete the puzzle and unlock the next area.

  2. Puzzle: Mirror Reflections
    As players progress through Lost Lands 6, they will encounter a chamber filled with mirrors that need to be aligned. To solve this puzzle, players must adjust the mirrors’ angles to reflect a beam of light onto a specific target. By rotating and tilting the mirrors, players can redirect the light beam towards the desired spot. Careful observation and logical thinking are essential to solving this puzzle and advancing further into the game.

  3. Puzzle: Elemental Balance
    In the depths of Lost Lands 6, players will stumble upon an ancient chamber where they must restore the elemental balance. This puzzle requires players to manipulate various elements, such as fire, water, and earth, to achieve equilibrium. By interacting with different mechanisms and objects in the room, players can control the flow and balance of elements. Experimentation and trial-and-error are crucial in finding the correct combination that restores the harmony of the elements.


Lost Lands 6 is an adventure game with challenging puzzles. Use this walkthrough to solve the mysteries and overcome obstacles. Stay observant, think logically, and be open to trying different approaches. Success is possible with determination. Enjoy the journey and show off your puzzle-solving skills!

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