Lost Lands 6 Puzzle Solutions

Discover the enigmatic Lost Lands 6 and unravel its mysteries with our comprehensive puzzle solutions guide.

Lost Lands 6 Puzzle Solutions: Unlocking the Enigmatic Mysteries

Discover an exciting adventure with Lost Lands 6: The Golden Curse! This thrilling hidden object game leads players through mysterious lands with puzzles and enigmas to solve. We’ll guide you through the complex puzzles, offering expert tips and step-by-step solutions to help you progress in the game.

  1. The Haunted Clock Tower: In this eerie setting, you will encounter a clock tower with a series of gears and levers. To progress, you must align the gears correctly. Start by rotating the large gear on the left until it matches the position of the small gear on the right. Then, click on the lever at the bottom to connect the gears. Finally, rotate the small gear on the right until all the gears are aligned and the clock tower mechanism is activated, allowing you to proceed.

  2. The Enchanted Forest: As you venture into the mystical forest, you will come across a hidden path blocked by trees. To clear the way, locate the mushrooms scattered throughout the area. Each mushroom corresponds to a specific tree that needs to be cut down. Find the matching mushrooms and use the axe to chop down the corresponding trees. Once all the trees are cleared, the hidden path will be revealed, unveiling new secrets and challenges.

  3. The Ancient Temple: Inside the ancient temple, you will encounter a complex puzzle involving colored gems. To solve it, observe the colored patterns on the wall and match them with the gems on the pedestal. Press the gems in the correct order following the pattern on the wall. If done correctly, a hidden compartment will open, granting you access to a crucial item or information necessary for your journey.


With expert tips and solutions, you’re ready to conquer the puzzles of Lost Lands 6. Observe, pay attention, and think creatively to overcome challenges. Enjoy the immersive experience and unlock mysteries on your thrilling adventure!

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