Level C Vocabulary Workshop Unit 2 Answers

Level C Vocabulary Workshop Unit 2 Answers: Unlocking Word Knowledge


In the Level C Vocabulary Workshop, Unit 2 is vital for improving your vocabulary skills. Strengthening your word power improves communication and helps you succeed. We have compiled a list of answers to assist you in mastering the words in this unit. Find the answers for vocabulary success.

Unit 2 Vocabulary Workshop Answers: Master the Level C Words

  1. Adieu: This French word, meaning “goodbye,” is often used to bid a final farewell. It is derived from the phrase “√† dieu,” which translates to “to God.”

  2. Astute: This adjective describes someone who is clever and perceptive, able to quickly understand and analyze situations. An astute individual possesses sharp intellect and acute observational skills.

  3. Auxiliary: As a noun, auxiliary refers to a person or thing that provides supplementary or additional support. As an adjective, it describes something that assists or supports another thing.

  4. Bizarre: This adjective is used to describe something that is odd, unusual, or peculiar. It implies a departure from what is considered normal or expected.

  5. Celestial: Celestial is an adjective that pertains to the sky or the heavens. It can also describe anything related to the universe or outer space.

Comprehensive Solutions for Level C Vocabulary Workshop Unit 2

  1. Confer: This verb means to discuss something with others, share ideas, or consult. It often involves seeking advice or opinions from others before making a decision.

  2. Drudgery: Drudgery refers to hard, monotonous, or repetitive work that is often considered dull and tedious. It can be used to depict tasks that lack stimulation or creativity.

  3. Eminent: An eminent person is someone who is highly respected and well-known for their achievements, expertise, or influence in a particular field.

  4. Err: This verb means to make a mistake or be incorrect in judgment or action. It can also refer to wandering or straying from the correct path or course.

  5. Exploit: Exploit can be used as both a verb and a noun. As a verb, it means to make full use of something or someone for personal gain. As a noun, it refers to a notable and impressive achievement.


By completing Unit 2 in the Level C Vocabulary Workshop, you’ve made progress in improving your vocabulary. Remember that learning new words is a continuous process, and practicing regularly is important for mastery. Read books, articles, and do word puzzles to strengthen your vocabulary. Keep it up and keep expanding your vocabulary!

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