Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness Training Answers

Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness Training Answers: Enhancing Preparedness and Mitigating Threats.

Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness Training: Essential Information

Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness Training is a vital course that educates individuals on preventing and responding to terrorism. It is crucial for military personnel, contractors, and Department of Defense employees. One important aspect is understanding the correct answers to course questions. This article helps reinforce knowledge gained during training by providing insight into these answers.

Understanding the Answers to Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness Training

  1. Recognizing Suspicious Behavior:
    The correct answer to questions regarding recognizing suspicious behavior often revolves around being observant and vigilant. It includes identifying individuals who display unusual nervousness, extensive sweating, or who may be carrying suspicious objects. Additionally, it is crucial to pay attention to people taking pictures or notes of security measures or sensitive areas, as well as individuals who attempt to gain unauthorized access to restricted areas.

  2. Response to a Terrorist Threat:
    When faced with questions about how to respond to a terrorist threat, the correct answers often revolve around the “Run, Hide, Fight” principle. This principle suggests that individuals should attempt to escape or evacuate the area if possible. If escape is not an option, finding a secure location to hide becomes the next step. Lastly, if confronted directly by a threat, individuals should be prepared to fight using any means necessary to protect themselves and others.

  3. Reporting Suspicious Activity:
    The Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness Training emphasizes the importance of reporting any suspicious activity to the proper authorities promptly. The correct answers to questions about reporting suspicious activity include notifying the appropriate security personnel, local law enforcement, or the chain of command. It is vital to provide as much detail as possible when reporting, such as physical descriptions, license plate numbers, and any other relevant information that can aid in identifying and addressing the potential threat.


The Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness Training equips individuals to identify and respond to terrorist threats. Understanding the training’s answers helps reinforce preparedness. Recognizing suspicious behavior, responding to threats, and reporting suspicious activity are vital. Applying this knowledge enhances community safety.

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