Lesson 7 Add and Subtract Decimals Answer Key

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Mathematics is an essential subject that every student must have a firm grip on, and decimals are an essential component of mathematics. The addition and subtraction of decimals can be tricky, as it requires the understanding of decimal place values, the use of the correct arithmetic symbols, and enough practice to grasp it. With that said, we are glad to provide a helpful guide to mastering the addition and subtraction of decimals using Lesson 7’s answer key.

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To begin, the primary goal of Lesson 7 is to provide a concrete understanding of adding and subtracting decimals. It starts with a quick recap of the definitions of decimals and integer numbers, followed by the application of place value in decimals. The answer key to the various exercises in the lesson tackles both addition and subtraction, with a focus on decimals with varying place values.

The addition and subtraction of decimals require precision and careful attention to details. The use of the correct arithmetic symbol and alignment of decimals is crucial to prevent errors. It is also essential to understand the concept of carrying over digits in addition and borrowing in subtraction to solve problems correctly. The answer key in Lesson 7 provides comprehensive examples, diagrams, and explanations to help illustrate each step.

Moreover, the key to mastering addition and subtraction of decimals is through practice. The answer key in Lesson 7 offers a wide range of practice exercises to enable students to hone their skills. The exercises come in different difficulty levels, allowing students to start with the basics and progress to more complex problems. Consistent practice will build confidence and help solidify the understanding of the concept.

Additionally, Lesson 7’s answer key provides an opportunity for students to track their progress. By self-evaluating their performance, students can identify areas where they need to improve and put in more effort. The answer key provides clear indications if a student got a question wrong or right, making it easy to spot errors and avoid repeating the same mistakes.


In summation, the answer key provided in Lesson 7 of adding and subtracting decimals is a great tool to aid students in their math studies. It offers comprehensive examples, diagrams, and explanations to ensure clarity of the concepts taught. With consistent practice and self-evaluation, students can master the skill of adding and subtracting decimals. We hope this guide was helpful in your math journey, and we encourage you to make the most of the resources you have to succeed in this subject.

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