Lesson 5 Homework 5.6 Answer Key

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Most students consider homework as a burden that occupies their free time, but the truth is that homework is essential to understand and retain the information from the lectures. Homework provides a chance to analyze, critique, and practice what we learned during the lessons. Lesson 5 Homework 5.6 is not an exception. However, it may require additional effort to complete due to its complexity. In this blog post, we will provide helpful guidance for mastering your lesson 5 homework 5.6 by providing the answer key.

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Understanding the Significance of Homework

Before diving into the answer key, let’s revisit the questions for lesson 5 homework 5.6. The homework involves analyzing and critiquing a research article and applying the concepts covered in Lesson 5.

Question 1: Analyzing the Introduction and Identifying the Research Gap

Question 2: Analyzing Methodology and Sample Selection

Question 3: Critiquing the Results Section and Relationship to Hypotheses

Question 4: Analyzing Limitations in the Conclusions Section

Question 5: Applying Lesson 5 Concepts and Proposing a Research Question

Now, let’s go through the answer key to lesson 5 homework 5.6.

For Question 1: The research gap in the introduction section of the article is the lack of research on older adults’ experiences of loneliness due to their limited ability to engage in social activities.

Question 2: The authors chose their sample of older adults through stratified random sampling, which means that they categorized the older adults by their level of loneliness and selected participants from each group randomly.

Regarding Question 3: Our answer key shows that the authors’ results support their hypotheses that loneliness is associated with an increased risk of depression, decreased satisfaction with life, and lower cognitive functioning.

Moving on to Question 4: The limitations of the study identified in the conclusions section include a small sample size, a lack of diversity in the sample, and the risk of participant self-selection bias.

Finally, for Question 5: The proposed research question would be “What is the relationship between social engagement and loneliness in older adults living in rural areas?”


Completing lesson 5 homework 5.6 requires understanding the key concepts and applying them to the analysis and critique of a research article. Mastering your homework may seem challenging, but with the help of our answer key, you can improve your skills and achieve the best possible results. Be sure to revisit the article and your answers regularly to solidify your learning. And never forget that mastering your homework is an essential step to mastering the course!

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