Lesson 4 Problem Set 4.5 Answer Key

Mastering Ecology Concepts: Lesson 4 Problem Set 4.5 Answer Key


As a student, you may find it hard to maneuver your way through challenging problem sets. But do not fret as help is here! This post is dedicated to students who are looking for a detailed answer key to lesson 4 problem set 4.5. This comprehensive answer key will help you ace your problem set and will provide you with the clarity you need to get good scores. So, grab a pen and paper and get ready to learn.

Understanding the Problem Set

First off, let us understand what the problem set entails. It is a multiple choice quiz that will test you on various ecology concepts.

Question 1: Inter-specific Competition

In question 1, the correct answer is the c. individual, since the question focuses on inter-specific competition, which takes place between individuals of different species.

Question 2: Energy Flow and Matter Cycling

In question 2, the correct answer is the d. energy flows while matter cycles because energy is constantly lost as it moves through the ecosystem, whereas matter is recycled continuously.

Question 3: The Carbon Cycle

Moving on to question 3, this refers to the carbon cycle and the correct answer is the a. photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which carbon dioxide is taken out of the air and converted into organic matter.

Question 4: The Nitrogen Cycle

Question 4 requires an understanding of the nitrogen cycle, and the correct choice is the c. nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria are the bacteria responsible for converting nitrogen in the atmosphere into a form that can be used by living organisms.

Question 5: Population Ecology

Question 5 is all about population ecology, which focuses on the factors that affect population size and growth rates. The correct answer is the d. both b and c, which refers to a decrease in emigration rate and an increase in immigration rate. Emigration means that individuals are leaving the population, whereas immigration refers to individuals entering the population.


Answering these questions about ecology concepts requires solid knowledge and understanding of different topics. With this comprehensive answer key, you now have a better grasp of these concepts. Remember, practice does make perfect, so keep on attempting quizzes and problem sets until you have mastered the subject matter. Good luck!

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