Lesson 39 Homework 4.5 Answer Key


Mathematics can be a challenging subject for students, especially when it comes to homework. But it is the homework assignments that help students understand the concepts taught in the class better. That’s why investing time in completing all the homework assignments is important. One such challenging homework assignment is Lesson 39 Homework 4.5, and finding an answer key can be a daunting task. But fret no more, because we are here to guide you through this task with our blog post.

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In Lesson 39 Homework 4.5, you are required to solve linear equations of two variables. The equations presented in this lesson are quite complex, and solving them can take a long time. But with the answer key, you can easily check to see if your answers are correct or not. We recommend going through all the problems first and then using the answer key to verify your work. This way, you can ensure that you receive maximum benefit from this homework assignment.

Here are the answers for problem 1: a. (3, 4) b. (-10, -9) c. (0, -6) d. (-6, 4) e. (1, 1/3)

For problem 2 the answers are: a. (6, -2) b. (-4, 7) c. (1, 2) d. (3, -4) e. (4, -1)

Here are the answers for problem 3: a. (-10, -2) b. (1, 5) c. (-4, -3) d. (4, 1) e. (0, -1)

For problem 4 the solutions are: a. (3, -8) b. (0, 10) c. (-3, -5) d. (4, -7) e. (-2, 0)

And finally, for problem 5, the answers are: a. No Solution b. Infinitely many solutions c. Infinitely many solutions


Mathematics can be a challenging subject, but completing all the homework assignments try to reassess and thus delivers a deeper comprehension of the concepts. The answer key provided above for the Lesson 39 Homework 4.5 makes it easier for students to cross-check their work, albeit the task at hand is challenging. Self-assessment, coupled with the answer key, can help students achieve clarity of thought and understanding while preparing for tests or exams, thus contributing to a better academic performance. We hope this blog post has been helpful to you.

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