Lesson 13 Understand Equivalent Fractions Answer Key

Lesson 13 Understand Equivalent Fractions Answer Key: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Equivalency in Fractions.

In Lesson 13, we delve into understanding equivalent fractions and using them to solve mathematical problems. This article provides the answer key to Lesson 13’s exercises, ensuring that learners can check their work and reinforce their understanding of the topic. By mastering equivalence in fractions, students can lay a solid foundation for further mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills.

Lesson 13: Equivalent Fractions Answer Key

The answer key to Lesson 13 on equivalent fractions is presented below. This key allows learners to verify their answers and identify any areas they may need to review or seek further clarification on. By using this answer key, students can gain confidence in their ability to solve problems involving equivalent fractions.

Exercise 1:
a) 4/8
b) 6/12
c) 5/10
d) 12/24

Exercise 2:
a) 3/15
b) 1/4
c) 4/16
d) 3/12

Exercise 3:
a) 2/6
b) 5/15
c) 7/21
d) 4/12

Exercise 4:
a) 1/9
b) 4/36
c) 2/12
d) 3/27

Exercise 5:
a) 2/20
b) 3/15
c) 6/30
d) 1/5

Exercise 6:
a) 2/16
b) 6/30
c) 9/45
d) 4/32


With the answer key to Lesson 13’s exercises on equivalent fractions, students can solidify their understanding of this fundamental concept. By checking their work against the provided answers, learners can identify any misconceptions or areas that require further practice. Mastering equivalence in fractions is crucial for future mathematical skills, and this answer key serves as a valuable tool for students to reinforce their knowledge and achieve success in their mathematical journey.

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