Geometry EOC Practice Test 4 Answer Key

Geometry EOC Practice Test 4 Answer Key Introduction:

As a high school geometry student, you are required to take the End-of-Course (EOC) exam to evaluate your understanding of the subject. The EOC assessment is designed to measure your knowledge of mathematics and geometry concepts and ensure that you are on track to achieve your academic goals. To help you prepare for the EOC exam, practice tests are available online to help you gauge your knowledge and identify topics you may need to give more attention. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the geometry EOC practice test 4 answer key and give you tips on how best to study for your EOC test.

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Section 1:

The first section of the EOC practice test 4 assesses your understanding of algebra concepts and pre-requisite skills that are crucial for geometry. The section contains 18 multiple choice questions that revolve around topics such as simplifying expressions, solving linear equations, and working with formulas. When answering this section, make sure to read through questions and answers carefully before selecting an answer option to avoid making careless mistakes. The answer key to this section is available online, so use it to check your responses and identify any areas that need improvement.

Section 2:

The second section of the EOC practice test 4 evaluates your understanding of geometric concepts. It contains 23 multiple choice questions and four constructed-response questions that assess your understanding of topics such as similarity, congruence, circles, and trigonometry. When answering this section, it is crucial to read the questions thoroughly and identify what is required before selecting an answer option. The constructed-response question requires more effort and a good understanding of the concepts being assessed. Be sure to answer all the questions and revise them when finished. Use the answer key to identify areas of strength and weakness, and improve where necessary.

Section 3:

The third section of the EOC practice test 4 assesses your analytical skills and ability to categorize geometric shapes using precise measurements. It has eight constructed-response items that require you to construct geometrical figures according to given criteria. Before starting this section, ensure that you understand the criteria and any specific drawing conventions that must be followed. Focus on accuracy and using appropriate labels and units of measurements when constructing your figures. Afterward, use the answer key to check your responses and identify areas of improvement.

Section 4:

The last section of the EOC practice test 4 focuses on your knowledge of probability and statistics in geometry. The section contains 7 multiple choice questions that evaluate your understanding of probability topics, such as theoretical and experimental probabilities, and 3 constructed-response questions that require you to solve statistical problems. Before answering this section, review your notes on probability and statistical concepts, and approach the questions carefully. When answering the constructed-response question, show your work neatly, and outline your thought process. After answering the section, use the answer key to check your responses and evaluate your understanding of statistical concepts.


Successfully completing the geometry EOC exam is a crucial step in obtaining your high school diploma. The EOC practice test 4 is an excellent resource to evaluate your understanding of the fundamental math concepts and geometry concepts that make up the EOC exam. Make sure to use the online answer key to check your answers and figure out topics you may need to work on before taking the actual exam. With the right preparation, you will pass the EOC test with flying colors.

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