Eureka Math Lesson 5 Homework Answers

Eureka Math Lesson 5 Homework Answers: A detailed breakdown of solutions for mathematical problems encountered in Lesson 5 of the Eureka Math curriculum.

Exploring Lesson 5 Homework Answers in Eureka Math

Eureka Math is a comprehensive curriculum that is widely used in schools across the United States. Lesson 5 in Eureka Math focuses on various mathematical concepts, and the homework assigned after the lesson serves as a tool for students to practice what they have learned. In this article, we will explore the answers to the Homework for Lesson 5 in Eureka Math, providing comprehensive solutions for each problem.

Comprehensive Solutions for Eureka Math Lesson 5 Homework

Problem 1: Simplifying Expressions

The first problem in the Lesson 5 Homework requires students to simplify expressions involving addition and subtraction of rational numbers. To solve this problem, students should apply the rules of operations and combine like terms. For example, if the expression is “3x + 2y – 5x – 3y,” students can simplify it by combining the x terms (3x – 5x = -2x) and the y terms (2y – 3y = -y). Therefore, the simplified expression would be “-2x – y.”

Problem 2: Evaluating Expressions

The second problem in the Homework for Lesson 5 involves evaluating expressions using given values. Students are given a specific value for a variable and are required to substitute that value into the expression. For instance, if the expression is “2x – 3,” and the value of x is 4, students should substitute 4 into the expression (2 * 4 – 3) and simplify it to get the answer. In this case, the solution would be 5.

Problem 3: Solving Equations

The final problem in the Lesson 5 Homework focuses on solving equations. Students are presented with an equation and need to determine the value of the variable that satisfies the equation. To solve these types of problems, students should apply inverse operations to isolate the variable. For example, if the equation is “4x + 7 = 19,” students can start by subtracting 7 from both sides of the equation to get “4x = 12.” Then, dividing both sides by 4, they find that the value of x is 3.


Lesson 5’s Homework in Eureka Math helps students practice and reinforce concepts learned. Detailed solutions show step-by-step approaches for correct answers. Completing the homework boosts confidence and deepens understanding of Lesson 5’s mathematical concepts.

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