Eureka Math Lesson 23 Homework 3.5 Answer Key

Eureka Math Lesson 23 Homework 3.5 Answer Key Introduction:

Eureka Math is a math curriculum designed to help students develop their mathematical knowledge from Kindergarten to Grade 12. One essential aspect of the Eureka Math curriculum is homework assignments that enable students to develop their math skills outside the classroom. In Lesson 23 Homework 3.5, students are asked to solve complex problems using their knowledge of multiplication and division. Frustration or confusion can arise when trying to solve these problems. This blog post will provide a comprehensive understanding of Eureka Math Lesson 23 Homework 3.5 Answer Key to help students better master the concepts.

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The Eureka Math Lesson 23 Homework 3.5 Answer Key is designed to help students check whether they answered the multiplication and division problems correctly. The homework contains twelve questions that require students to use their multiplication and division skills. For example, one question asks the student to solve 4 x 3 + 6, while another question asks the student to write the equation that matches the given word problem.

When grading your homework, it’s essential to remember that Eureka Math focuses on the process and not just the final answer. The answer key not only provides the correct solution to the problem but also explains how to arrive at the solution. So, in addition to checking whether you get the correct answer, make sure to follow the steps provided in the answer key. You might have approached the problem differently, but as long as you get the right result and followed the correct steps, the process is what matters.

To make sure you understand the steps, you may want to work on similar problems more than once. Repetition is critical to building a strong foundation of mathematical concepts. For example, you could go back and work on past homework questions or explore other multiplication and division problems.

If you continue to struggle with the problems even after reading the answer key, you can turn to online resources or ask your teacher for help during office hours or after class. You can also set up a study group with classmates to work together on the homework assignments. By working with others, you can share ideas, clarify concepts, and motivate each other to succeed.


Eureka Math Lesson 23 Homework 3.5 can be challenging for students, but understanding the answer key can help. Remember that the process matters more than the answer. Make sure you follow the steps provided in the answer key and work on similar problems to reinforce your understanding. If you continue to struggle, don’t hesitate to seek help from your teacher, online resources, or classmates. With dedication and practice, you can master these multiplication and division skills and be prepared for more complex problems in the future.

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