Drama Terms Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

Drama Terms Crossword Puzzle Answer Key Introduction:

The world of drama is incredibly fascinating. From the intricacies of creating a character to staging a play, it takes a lot of effort and skill to put on a successful performance. One way to help students better understand and remember key drama terms is through the use of a crossword puzzle. This crossword puzzle can be an excellent tool for students to reinforce their understanding of the vocabulary, as well as providing a fun activity. This blog post will explore the answer key of such a crossword puzzle and provide insights on what each term entails.

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  1. Act: An act in a play refers to a major division that demarcates different parts of the script. Acts usually signify a shift in location or the passage of time. In a full-length play, there are typically three or four acts.
  2. Blocking: This term refers to the placement and movement of characters on stage, as directed by the director. Blocking can also refer to the physical movements and gestures that accompany a scene.
  3. Catharsis: The emotional release that is experienced by the audience at the end of a play, usually through a climactic moment. It is a cleansing of emotions that is meant to provide relief and a heightened sense of catharsis.
  4. Dialogue: The spoken words exchanged between characters in a play.
  5. Epilogue: A brief section that comes at the end of a play that provides a sense of closure. Epilogues also provide insights into the events that occurred after the climax.
  6. Monologue: A speech given by a single character that reveals their inner thoughts or feelings. This speech is not addressed to any other characters on stage.
  7. Props: Short for “properties,” props refer to the objects and items used on stage during a performance.
  8. Scene: A smaller section of a play that takes place in a specific setting and involves a particular group of characters.
  9. Soliloquy: A speech given by a character that is not addressed to any other character on stage, but rather to themselves or the audience. This speech provides insight into the character’s internal thoughts and feelings.
  10. Stage Directions: These are instructions in the script that provide guidance to the actors and production team regarding action, movement, or blocking.


Drama is a form of art that requires performers to master a variety of skills, from acting to staging. Understanding the terminology associated with the world of drama is important, as it allows students to better comprehend what is happening during a performance. The crossword puzzle answer key explored above helps students practice this terminology and gain a deeper understanding of key concepts. Whether you are starting on your dramatic journey or simply interested in the terminology that goes into a beautiful production, exploring and revisiting important drama terms is always worthwhile.

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