DNA Profiling Gizmo Worksheet Answer Key

DNA Profiling Gizmo Worksheet Answer Key Introduction:

As students, we are constantly challenged to acquire knowledge in various subjects. One of which is learning about DNA profiling. This fascinating topic allows us to understand how DNA samples can be used to identify individuals or relationships between individuals. To aid in our learning, we might come across a worksheet called DNA profiling Gizmo with an answer key. In this blog post, we will explore what Gizmo is, how the DNA profiling task works, and a detailed guide to the answer key.

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What is the DNA Profiling Gizmo?

Gizmo is an online learning tool that provides interactive simulations for students to explore different scientific concepts. The DNA Profiling Gizmo, in particular, aims to educate students on how DNA samples can be used in forensic science and paternity testing. It allows users to create DNA profiles, compare profiles of different individuals, and match the profiles to identify a suspect.

How Does the DNA Profiling Task Work?

The DNA profiling task in Gizmo starts by extracting DNA from a crime scene, a victim, and a suspect. The DNA samples are then placed in a gel matrix where they are separated based on their size and weight using a process called electrophoresis. Once the samples have been separated, they are transferred to a nylon membrane and tagged with a radioactive or fluorescent probe. This process is called Southern blotting. The membrane is then exposed to X-ray film or scanned with a laser, and the DNA bands are analyzed to determine if the profiles match.

Now, let’s delve into the answer key.

Detailed Guide to the Answer Key:

The DNA Profiling Gizmo answer key is provided to help students check if their answers to the worksheet questions are correct. The answer key explains various concepts such as DNA structure, electrophoresis, Southern blotting, and DNA profiling. It also provides practical questions that require students to analyze DNA profiles to determine if there is a match or not.

The answer key is divided into three parts. Part A is an introduction to the DNA profiling task, part B provides information on DNA structure and electrophoresis, while part C deals with Southern blotting and DNA profiling. Each section is further divided into smaller questions, making it easier for students to follow the concepts.


In conclusion, the DNA Profiling Gizmo and its answer key offer an excellent learning experience for students who want to understand how DNA profiling works. By using Gizmo, students can practice creating DNA profiles, comparing profiles, and matching profiles to solve a crime or establish paternity. The answer key provides a detailed guide to the concepts, making it easier for students to understand and learn at their own pace. With Gizmo and the answer key, learning DNA profiling has never been more engaging or exciting. So, challenge yourself today and begin your journey in DNA profiling!

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