Death Was Arrested Chords Pdf


“Death Was Arrested” is a captivating worship song that beautifully captures the essence of redemption and resurrection. As aspiring musicians or worship leaders, you may be eager to master the chords of this powerful hymn. In this article, we present you with a detailed guide to the “Death Was Arrested” chords in a downloadable PDF format. Let’s delve into the heart-stirring melody of this song and embark on a transformative musical journey.

Section 1: The Significance of “Death Was Arrested”

“Death Was Arrested” is a contemporary worship song that celebrates the victory of Christ over death and the hope of eternal life through His resurrection.

Section 2: Understanding the Chord Progression

Explore the chord progression and key changes in “Death Was Arrested,” laying the foundation for harmonious renditions.

Section 3: A Musical Resource: Free PDF Download

[Link to Free PDF Download of “Death Was Arrested” Chords]

(Note: Ensure the availability of legitimate sources offering the free PDF guide.)

Section 4: Breaking Down the Chords

  1. Chord Diagrams: Visual representations of the chords, making it easier for beginners to learn and play.
  2. Strumming Patterns: Explore various strumming patterns that add depth and emotion to the song.
  3. Transposing the Key: Learn how to transpose the chords to match your vocal range or preference.

Section 5: Embracing the Message

  1. The Power of Worship: Delve into the significance of worship through “Death Was Arrested,” connecting with its profound message.
  2. Building a Worshipful Atmosphere: Discover how this song can create a meaningful worship experience for congregations.

Section 6: Personalizing Your Performance

  1. Adding Your Touch: Embrace the freedom to add instrumental variations or adapt the song to suit your style.
  2. Vocal Interpretation: Explore ways to convey the song’s emotion and message through vocal nuances.

Section 7: Community Worship

  1. Leading Congregational Worship: Tips for worship leaders to guide congregations effectively in singing “Death Was Arrested.”
  2. Incorporating Instruments: Explore ideas for incorporating various musical instruments to enhance the worship experience.


The “Death Was Arrested” chords PDF guide is your gateway to creating a powerful worship experience that resonates with the message of redemption and resurrection. By mastering the chords and exploring your musical interpretation, you can lead congregations in heartfelt worship, drawing them closer to the profound truths of the Gospel. So, download the PDF guide, embrace the melody of redemption, and let your worship be a testimony of the hope and victory found in Jesus Christ. With “Death Was Arrested” chords in your repertoire, your musical journey will be one of transformation and spiritual depth. Let the music resound, and may the message of redemption echo in every heart!

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