Dbq Impact of the Mongols Answer Key

Dbq Impact of the Mongols Answer Key Introduction:

The Mongol Empire was one of the most powerful in history, spanning across Asia and Eastern Europe during the 13th and 14th centuries. The empire left a lasting impact on the world that can still be felt today. The DBQ (Document-Based Question) on the impact of the Mongols is a popular essay question in high school and college history courses. In this guide, we will explore the key concepts and themes in this DBQ to help students unpack the historical significance of the Mongol Empire.

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  1. Mongol Military Expansion

One of the primary ways the Mongols impacted the world was through their military expansion. The Mongol armies were known for their superior horses, archery, and mobility, allowing them to conquer vast territories. They were successful in both urban and rural areas due to their innovative military tactics and use of technology, such as the trebuchet. The DBQ may ask students to analyze the impact of Mongol conquest on different regions, such as Russia, China, and Persia.

  1. Mongol Trade Routes

The Mongol Empire also greatly impacted global trade through the creation of the Silk Road. Under Mongol rule, trading cities such as Samarkand and Bukhara became centers of cultural exchange and commerce. Students may be asked to analyze the impact of Mongol trade on specific regions or civilizations, such as the impact on European feudalism and the spread of the Black Death.

  1. Mongol Rule and Governance

The Mongol Empire united diverse regions and ethnic groups under a single rule, with Genghis Khan as the founder. Mongol rule was characterized by a strong central government and tolerance of multiple religions and cultures. Students may be asked to analyze the impact of Mongol rule on gender relations, social hierarchy, and the spread of culture and ideas.

  1. Mongol Legacy and Historical Interpretations

The legacy of the Mongols is complex and open to interpretation. Some historians argue that the Mongol Empire brought about significant positive changes to the world, such as the promotion of global trade and the spread of religious tolerance. Others contend that the Mongol conquests brought about destruction and violence on a massive scale. Students may be asked to analyze different perspectives on the impact of the Mongols and assess the validity of those interpretations.


The DBQ on the impact of the Mongols is an excellent opportunity for students to engage in historical analysis and critical thinking. By examining the military conquests, trading networks, governance, and legacy of the Mongols, students can gain a deeper understanding of the complexity and significance of this historical period. As students explore different historical interpretations, they can develop their own perspectives on the legacy of the Mongol Empire and its impact on today’s world. With the knowledge gained from this DBQ analysis, students can become more aware and engaged global citizens.

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