Celestial Tarot Guidebook Pdf Free Download

Introduction to Celestial Tarot Guidebook Pdf Free Download

If you’re interested in stars and tarot, the Celestial Tarot Guidebook is for you. This guidebook combines tarot and astrology to help uncover the mysteries of the celestial sphere and gain deeper insights in your readings. Learn more about the guidebook and how to get your free copy.

What is Celestial Tarot Guidebook?

The Celestial Tarot Guidebook combines the principles of tarot reading with astrology symbols and imagery. Created by Kay Steventon and Brian Clark, this resource offers a distinct approach to tarot, enhancing card understanding through connections to celestial bodies and astrological signs. Each card is linked to a zodiac sign or planet, enriching the card meanings with astrological correspondences. With this guidebook, you can explore the cosmic influences that shape our lives and gain a new perspective on tarot readings.

How to Use Celestial Tarot in Your Readings

Using the Celestial Tarot Guidebook in your readings is simple. First, familiarize yourself with the astrological correspondences of the tarot cards. Each card has a specific zodiac sign or planet linked to it, and understanding these connections will enhance your card interpretation. When conducting a reading, consider the astrological influences present in the spread. For instance, if the spread contains cards linked to the fire signs, it may indicate a passionate and creative period. By incorporating celestial symbolism into your readings, you can gain a deeper understanding of the energies at play and provide more insightful interpretations for your clients.

Download Your Free Celestial Tarot Guidebook PDF

Excited to explore the world of Celestial Tarot? You can download your free copy of the Celestial Tarot Guidebook PDF today. Simply visit the official website or a reputable tarot resource, and you will find a link to download the guidebook. Once downloaded, you can either read it on your device or print it out for easy reference during your tarot readings. With this guidebook in hand, you can unlock the celestial mysteries and enhance the depth of your tarot readings.


The Celestial Tarot Guidebook is a valuable resource for anyone interested in tarot reading and astrology. By combining the two disciplines, this guidebook allows you to tap into the wisdom of the stars and gain a deeper understanding of your tarot readings. With the free PDF download available, you have the opportunity to explore this unique approach without any cost. So why wait? Download your copy of the Celestial Tarot Guidebook today and unlock the secrets of the stars. Happy reading!

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