Answer Key Inscribed Angles Worksheet Answers


Inscribed angles are a fascinating aspect of geometry that occurs when a central angle intersects a circle, and the vertex of the angle lies on the circle itself. Understanding inscribed angles and their properties is crucial for solving various geometric problems involving circles. The Inscribed Angles Worksheet is a valuable resource that provides students with practice exercises to reinforce their knowledge of inscribed angles. In this article, we delve into the world of inscribed angles, explore the Inscribed Angles Worksheet, and present a comprehensive answer key to aid students in mastering this intriguing geometric concept.

Understanding Inscribed Angles

An inscribed angle is formed by two chords or secants that intersect on a circle. The central angle formed by the same two chords shares the same vertex but extends to the circle’s center. Key properties of inscribed angles include:

  1. Angle Measure: The measure of an inscribed angle is half the measure of the central angle formed by the same intercepted arc.
  2. Intercepted Arc: An inscribed angle intercepts an arc whose measure is equal to the angle’s measure.
  3. Inscribed Quadrilaterals: When an angle is inscribed in a semicircle, it forms a right angle, resulting in an inscribed right triangle.

The Power of the Inscribed Angles Worksheet

  1. Reinforcement: The Inscribed Angles Worksheet reinforces classroom learning, allowing students to apply their knowledge to various inscribed angle scenarios.
  2. Practice: Worksheet exercises offer extensive practice to strengthen students’ understanding and problem-solving skills.
  3. Confidence Building: Solving problems on the Inscribed Angles Worksheet builds students’ confidence in tackling inscribed angle challenges.

The Importance of the Answer Key

The Inscribed Angles Worksheet provides students with ample opportunities to apply inscribed angle concepts to different scenarios. The answer key plays a pivotal role as an essential resource for students, providing immediate feedback on their solutions. By consulting the answer key, students can independently verify their answers, understand their mistakes, and enhance their proficiency in solving inscribed angle problems.

Answer Key for Inscribed Angles Worksheet

  1. Angle Measure Calculation: Students find the measures of inscribed angles and the corresponding central angles.
  2. Intercepted Arc Identification: Exercises involve identifying the intercepted arc based on the inscribed angle’s measure.
  3. Semicircle Inscribed Angles: Students explore inscribed angles in semicircles and identify right triangles formed.

Sample Answer from Inscribed Angles Worksheet

Let’s consider an example exercise from the Inscribed Angles Worksheet and provide the corresponding answer:

Example Exercise: Angle Measure Calculation In the circle below, angle ABC is an inscribed angle, and the measure of the intercepted arc is 120 degrees. Find the measure of angle ABC.

[Image: A circle with an inscribed angle labeled ABC, and an intercepted arc with a measure of 120 degrees.]

Answer: The measure of angle ABC is 60 degrees, as it is half the measure of the intercepted arc (120 degrees √∑ 2 = 60 degrees).


Inscribed angles are intriguing geometric elements that add depth to the study of circles and angles. The Inscribed Angles Worksheet, accompanied by the answer key, is an invaluable resource for students to reinforce their understanding and problem-solving skills. By consulting the answer key, students gain immediate feedback, build confidence, and enhance their proficiency in handling inscribed angle challenges. Embrace the power of inscribed angles and unlock the mysteries of circles with confidence and enthusiasm through the Inscribed Angles Worksheet answer key.

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