Amoeba Sisters Video Recap Monohybrid Crosses Mendelian Inheritance Answer Key


The study of genetics and inheritance has intrigued scientists for centuries. Gregor Mendel, often referred to as the “Father of Genetics,” laid the foundation for understanding inheritance patterns through his experiments with pea plants. Today, modern geneticists continue to build upon Mendel’s work, exploring the complexities of genetic inheritance. The Amoeba Sisters, known for their engaging and informative science videos, offer a Video Recap on Monohybrid Crosses & Mendelian Inheritance. In this article, we delve into the world of genetics, explore monohybrid crosses, and present a comprehensive answer key to aid students in mastering this fascinating topic.

Understanding Monohybrid Crosses and Mendelian Inheritance

Monohybrid crosses are a fundamental concept in genetics, focusing on the inheritance of a single gene between two individuals. Gregor Mendel’s work with pea plants demonstrated that certain traits are dominant and others recessive, and they follow predictable patterns in offspring.

Mendelian inheritance refers to the principles Mendel established, which include:

  1. Law of Segregation: During gamete formation, the two alleles for a gene segregate, with each gamete carrying only one allele.
  2. Law of Independent Assortment: Genes for different traits assort independently of each other during gamete formation.
  3. Dominant and Recessive Traits: Dominant alleles mask the expression of recessive alleles when present in heterozygous individuals.

The Power of Amoeba Sisters Video Recap

  1. Engaging Visuals: The Amoeba Sisters’ animated videos use clear visuals and simple explanations to make complex concepts accessible.
  2. Concept Reinforcement: Video recaps reinforce classroom learning, providing additional explanations and examples.
  3. Active Learning: Students actively engage with the material through video recaps, enhancing comprehension and retention.

The Importance of the Answer Key

For students watching the Amoeba Sisters Video Recap on Monohybrid Crosses & Mendelian Inheritance, the answer key is a valuable resource. It serves as an essential tool for assessing their understanding, verifying their learning, and reinforcing key concepts. The answer key allows students to independently check their responses, build confidence, and apply their knowledge to solve genetic problems.

Answer Key for Amoeba Sisters Video Recap Exercises

  1. Punnett Squares: Students practice using Punnett squares to predict the outcomes of monohybrid crosses.
  2. Genotype and Phenotype Ratios: Exercises involve calculating genotype and phenotype ratios in monohybrid crosses.
  3. Incomplete Dominance: Students explore the concept of incomplete dominance and solve related problems.
  4. Codominance: Exercises cover the inheritance pattern of codominant traits in monohybrid crosses.
  5. Dihybrid Crosses: Students apply Mendel’s principles to dihybrid crosses, predicting outcomes for two different traits.

Sample Answer from Amoeba Sisters Video Recap

Let’s consider an example exercise from the Amoeba Sisters Video Recap on Monohybrid Crosses & Mendelian Inheritance and provide the corresponding answer:

Example Exercise: Punnett Square If a heterozygous tall plant (Tt) is crossed with a homozygous short plant (tt), what is the genotype ratio of the offspring?

Answer: The genotype ratio is 1 TT : 1 Tt.


The Amoeba Sisters Video Recap on Monohybrid Crosses & Mendelian Inheritance provides a valuable resource for students delving into the world of genetics. The answer key presented in this article acts as a crucial companion, empowering students to verify their understanding, reinforce key concepts, and build confidence in genetic problem-solving. By utilizing the answer key, students can embark on a rewarding journey of genetic exploration, unlocking the mysteries of inheritance patterns and understanding Mendelian principles. Embrace the power of genetics and deepen your knowledge through the Amoeba Sisters Video Recap and its comprehensive answer key.

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