Acids and Bases Crossword Puzzle Answers

Acids and Bases Crossword Puzzle Answers: Explore the solutions to this engaging puzzle that tests your knowledge of chemical properties.


Acids and bases are fundamental concepts in chemistry, and understanding their properties and reactions is essential for anyone studying the subject. To test your knowledge on this topic, we have created an exciting crossword puzzle that focuses on acids and bases. In this article, we will provide you with the answers to the crossword puzzle, allowing you to check your solutions and further enhance your understanding of acids and bases.

Acid and Base Crossword Puzzle: Find the Answers!

  1. Across: A substance that releases hydrogen ions in water. (ACID)
  2. Down: The opposite of an acid. (BASE)
  3. Across: A solution with a pH greater than 7. (BASIC)
  4. Down: A solution with a pH less than 7. (ACIDIC)
  5. Across: A substance that accepts hydrogen ions. (BASE)
  6. Down: A common acid found in citrus fruits. (CITRIC)
  7. Across: The most common acid found in vinegar. (ACETIC)
  8. Down: A base commonly found in household cleaning products. (AMMONIA)
  9. Across: A base that is commonly used in the production of soap. (LYE)
  10. Down: A measurement of acidity or alkalinity in a solution. (pH)
  11. Across: A substance that changes color in response to the pH of a solution. (INDICATOR)
  12. Down: The compound formed when an acid reacts with a base. (SALT)

Check your Solutions: Acids and Bases Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

Now that you have gone through the crossword puzzle and found the answers, it’s time to check your solutions. Here is the answer key:

  1. ACID
  3. BASIC
  5. BASE
  9. LYE
  10. pH
  12. SALT

By solving this crossword puzzle and checking your answers, you have not only reinforced your knowledge of acids and bases but also familiarized yourself with some common examples and terms related to this topic. Remember, practice is key to mastering any subject, and puzzles like these can make learning more enjoyable and engaging.


Acids and bases play a crucial role in various chemical processes, and a solid understanding of their properties and behaviors is necessary for students and professionals alike. By completing the acid and base crossword puzzle and verifying your answers, you have taken a step towards expanding your knowledge in this field. Keep exploring the fascinating world of chemistry, and don’t hesitate to tackle more puzzles and challenges to strengthen your understanding of acids, bases, and their interactions.

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